How do I get in to the summer program?

All students must audition for the Summer Course and Advanced Intensive.
  Can I audition by sending a video?

Yes. Click here to view the video audition requirements.
  Can I audition for the summer and year-round programs at the same time?

Yes. Indicate this on the application at the time of the audition. Students may also audition for the Ballet Chicago Studio Company during the National Audition Tour.
  How do I get into the Ballet Chicago Studio Company?

Those who audition and are accepted to the Professional Division are eligible for admittance to the Ballet Chicago Studio Company. The Studio Company is a program of the School's curriculum and is not a paid position.
  What is the audition fee?

Auditions for our National Audition Tour have a $25.00 application fee. Pre-registrations for the audition tour have a discounted, non-refundable application fee of $20.00. If auditioning via DVD or video, the application fee is $35.00.

How do I register in advance for the National Audition Tour?

Dancers may register in advance online for the auditions during the National Audition Tour. The $20.00 audition fee is required in order to register in advance and is
non-refundable. Advanced registrations for the auditions are not required, but are preferred.

  What should I bring to the audition?

All applicants must bring the $25.00 audition fee (cash and checks made payable to Ballet Chicago are accepted). If you pre-registered for the audition, please bring your $20.00 advance audition fee receipt upon arrival. All dancers must provide a photo in first arabesque (no larger than 5" x 7") and a head shot (school photos are acceptable).
  Which age group should I audition with if I am one age at the time of the audition and a different age during the Summer Program?

Audition with the group that is of your age at the time of audition.

What is the dress code for the audition?

Girls may wear any color leotard. Pink tights and pink ballet shoes are required. No skirts or warm-ups in the class. Hair must be tidy and completely off the face.

Men may wear any solid color t-shirt without words or pictures. Black tights and black or white ballet shoes are preferred. No warm-ups allowed in the class.

  What does an audition consist of?

Ballet Chicago's auditions include a full ballet technique class for all auditionees; no one is cut from any portion of the class. At the end of the class, girls will be asked to do pointe work and men will be asked to do men's steps.
  When will I be notified of the audition result?

All applicants are notified via email within one week after their audition date. If you have not received your notification within one week please notify Brittany Hurst at or call 312-251-8838.
  If accepted to the Summer Course and Advanced Intensive, can I attend only the Advanced Intensive?

Ballet Chicago generally requires that summer students enroll in the five-week Ballet Chicago Summer Course or other summer program of similar intensity and quality prior to the Advanced Intensive. We encourage you to attend both Ballet Chicago programs, as the Advanced Intensive is a continuation of the Summer Course and involves advanced pointe work, partnering classes, and repertory.
  If accepted, can I attend only part of the Summer Course or Advanced Intensive?

Ballet Chicago generally requires that students participate in the entire five weeks of the Summer Course and the full two weeks of the Advanced Intensive.
  Are there single or open classes at Ballet Chicago during the summer?

No, all students must be enrolled in the five-week Summer Course and/or two-week Advanced Intensive.
  Is there a performance at the end of the Summer Course and/or Advanced Intensive?

The Summer Course concludes with a theatre performance demonstrating three disciplines of dance for all levels of students. The Advanced Intensive concludes with a performance.
  Is there scholarship or financial aid available?

Financial aid is available to select students who qualify. Please indicate on the audition application that you would like to receive financial aid information. Merit Scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis.
  How many dance classes will I take?

Depending on level placement, students receive 20-25 classes per week, (Monday through Saturday). There will be 4-6 hours of class everyday.
  Do I need to be on pointe to participate in the Summer Course and/or Advanced Intensive?

The five-week summer course has a pre-pointe class for young students not yet on pointe. The Advanced Intensive requires all students to be on pointe.
  How many pointe shoes should I plan on bringing to the program?

This will depend on what level you are placed in as some levels have more rigorous pointe classes. Dancers should plan on bringing 3 pairs minimum to the courses while the more advanced levels will require 1 pair per week.
  When will I be assigned my level?

Placement classes are held on the first day of the session. Levels are posted in the Summer Section of the Ballet Chicago website at the end of the day.
  What is the average class size?

The average class size is 20-25 students per level.

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